Succeed 2020 aims to ensure the successful transition from school to college and careers for all North Dakota students. North Dakota’s eight regional education associations (REAs) have lead responsibility for implementing this initiative, working in collaboration with a wide range of partners and receiving technical support from FHI 360, a U.S.-based human development organization that manages the Succeed 2020 program.

REAs’ Succeed 2020 programs incorporate three strategies. These include:

  • Ongoing college and career counseling and planning
  • Access to and success in rigorous academic and CTE programs
  • Targeted and coordinated supports

During the 2012-13 school year, more than 2,300 teachers, nearly 220 administrators, and nearly 150 counselors and career advisors received professional development, support, and guidance from Succeed 2020.

As an educator, you may have participated in a professional development activity provided by an REA or you may have used Roads to Success, a college and career planning curriculum that was purchased with Succeed 2020 funds. Your school may have learned how to analyze student data to provide targeted support to students who need a little extra help to stay on track for graduation. Your curriculum, instruction, and programs may have been enhanced through multiple opportunities provided by Succeed 2020 through your REA.

To learn more about the REA serving your community, check out our REA map.

Learn more about Succeed 2020’s recent achievements.

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