Roughrider Education Services Program

The Roughrider Educational Services Cooperative (RESP, based in Dickinson) serves 17 school districts in southwest North Dakota.

RESP’s Succeed 2020 program facilitates professional growth for teachers and administrators, engages the business community to strengthen students’ knowledge of careers, and provides direct services to students needing additional support.

RESP provides teachers and administrators with professional learning opportunities focused on the state standards, data use and analysis, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). RESP also hosts a series of leadership activities for principals.

The business community is also an essential stakeholder in RESP’s programs. Dozens of businesses partner with RESP to develop career activities for students. With the support of businesses, RESP hosts a college and career readiness fair, a career expo, and other career discovery activities.

Succeed 2020 programs also provide targeted supports to enhance student achievement. For RESP this includes a transition program for students transferring from Twin Buttes Elementary, a Bureau of Indian Education school, to North Dakota public schools in Killdeer and Halliday. Istation and Acellus, both intervention programs, also help students in the region access remedial and Advanced Placement courses.