Regional Education Associations in North Dakota

North Dakota’s Regional Education Associations (REA) have the primary responsibility for implementing Succeed 2020. They are organizations that provide services to regional schools.

As demands increase to make rigorous and varied courses of study available for every student, REAs have become increasingly important, due to their tremendous reach across the state. REAs support a variety of school activities from providing professional development to teachers, counselors, and principals to coordinate student activities and events like college and career fairs and academic summer camps

During the 2013-14 school year, REAs:

  • 2,000 teachers, 300 administrators, and 150 counselors and career advisors received professional learning, support, and guidance.
  • More than 250 businesses supported schools by participating in career fairs, hosting job shadows and internships, and advising on curricula and programs
  • Thousands of students participated in college and career fairs, STEM (science technology, engineering, and math) activities, and Roads to Success lessons about career planning.