Red River Valley Education Cooperative

The Red River Valley Education Cooperative (RRVEC, based in Grand Forks) serves 23 school districts including Grand Forks and the schools directly north and south of Grand Forks.

The RRVEC’s Succeed 2020 project is focused on advancing the work of Robert Marzano in the areas of instructional strategies and his teacher evaluation model. The RRVEC’s project also assists school counselors expand their use of the RU Ready ND resources with their students.

Marzano’s work is supported through professional development targeting school leaders and instructional coaches. Project instructional coaches reinforce this work through on-site, job-embedded support to school leaders. Most RRVEC schools are in the process of addressing STEM through their extra-curricular and/or regular curriculum. The RRVEC Succeed 2020 Project assists schools in advancing their vision and plans for STEM in their schools through Project Based Learning and real-world Partnerships.

The project career advisors assist schools by providing ongoing support to school counselors and teachers on the use of the RU Ready ND resources and the Roads to Success curriculum. In addition the RRVEC project is a major supporter of a regional Career Expo that is attended by nearly 1,500 sophomore students from area high schools.