Students and Families

Succeed 2020 aims to ensure the successful transition from school to college and careers for all North Dakota students. North Dakota’s eight regional education associations (REAs) have lead responsibility for implementing this initiative, working in collaboration with a wide range of partners and receiving technical support from FHI 360, a U.S.-based nonprofit development organization that manages the Succeed 2020 program.

Whether you are a student or parent of a high school student, your community is most likely enhanced by Succeed 2020. During the 2012-13 school year, Succeed 2020 engaged nearly 90 percent of school districts in the seven REAs participating in Succeed 2020 at that time.

Through Succeed 2020, REAs convene local education and workforce development organizations and postsecondary institutions to assess how to help all students in the region be better prepared for college and careers.

REAs’ Succeed 2020 programs incorporate three strategies. These include:

  • Ongoing college and career counseling and planning
  • Access to and success in rigorous academic and CTE programs
  • Targeted and coordinated supports

Succeed 2020 programs support:

  • Expanded college and career counseling, including resources Roads to Success curriculum;
  • Professional development for teachers, counselors, and school administrators;
  • Distance learning to expand access to a wider range of academic and career and technical education courses;
  • Tutoring and other services to help students successfully complete high school and transition into postsecondary education and the workforce; and
  • Other programs or approaches that address specific regional objectives.

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