View materials and a recording from the event highlighting the achievements and impacts this initiative is making on North Dakota education and future workforce.
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See what Succeed 2020 looked like across the state and how it impacted educators.
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Northeast schools strive for teaching excellence and student achievement.
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Preparing math teachers for rigorous academic standards
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Information about Succeed 2020 and how it affects your community


Information for businesses, postsecondary, and non-profit partners


Information and resources for teachers, counselors, and administrators


Information about Succeed 2020 programs and how they improve the communities they serve

Succeed 2020 aims to improve North Dakota’s education and workforce development systems and increase students’ achievement in middle grades and high school, access to and success in postsecondary education, and preparation for 21st century careers.
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College and Career Readiness

What Young People Need to be Well-Prepared for College and Careers
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NDSS Implementation Guide

A guide for full implementation of State Standards
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